High Quality at a Low Cost

West Sussex, 25th June, 2010 – With a range of products including high-quality printers, barcodes, software, adhesives, ribbons, printing materials and printers, South East Labels has been a market leader for more than 20 years. It offers its customers high quality while respecting different budgets. An understanding of clients’ needs and specialised technologies give its products the edge over those of its competitors. The printer technologies available are easy to use and provide high-resolution images in a cost-effective way. South East Labels offers a selection of products to clients in various sectors, including retail, medical, food and beverage, consumer products, printing and packaging, shipping and warehouse products among others. The products’ efficiency, the team’s committment to cover all its clients’ labelling needs and excellent after-sale services are the hallmarks of South East Labels.

In addition, South East Labels offers a range of barcodes for stock control. The company produces printed rolls, which are suitable for thermal transfer and thermal direct systems, as well as coloured and printed labels manufactured using a variety of methods and materials. Pre-printed sheet labels for inkjet printers are also available. There is a comprehensive range of products on offer, which can be customised according to size (standard or custom), material (paper or synthetics such as polyester, clear polypropylene, ultradestructible, tamperproof, laminated, waterproof, ‘void’ and perforated) and adhesive type (permanent, peelable, easypeel, watersoluble, freezer and chill perm). Customers can contact the company for advice or for samples for specific requirements. The labels are manufactured using only the highest quality materials, which means that they can be over-printed by thermal transfer or thermal direct printers.

South East Labels satisfy their clients’ label and label printing requirements, offering cost-effective options and high-quality results time and again. Since the barcodes are computer generated, the hassle of producing costly and time-consuming printing plates and artwork is eliminated, while minor modifications and changes to barcode numbers can be made easily and in a cost-effective way. The company checks samples of the barcodes it produces by passing them through label software that automatically calculates and scans the code to ensure they meet the clients’ requirements.