Exciting summer courses at Culford School

Culford School, a well known institution with an excellent reputation within the UK, will start its Summer Courses once again on the month of July of 2010. The courses include a 4 week summer school programme that is provided by Alexander’s International on the grounds of Culford School and brings students from all over the world to experience the state of the art in language learning.

Travelling is a wonderful way to expand the horizons of our minds and keep ourselves open to new learning opportunities. The courses at Culford combine the very best of language learning with a slew of activities to keep the students energized and engaged. All students can enjoy full day study excursions that are held every Wednesday, when are taken to various landmarks and cities of East England such as Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Colchester, Ipswich and Norwich. These trips are an opportunity to discover new places, have fun and, most of all, learn. Before each journey the students study the details of the area they will visit and after the trip they are required to do several follow-up tasks for their classes.

Anyone looking for an excellent summer school UK can check out the many options that the Alexander’s International courses from Culford School offer. There are several ranges of fees that can accommodate most people’s needs and the packages also include meals and accommodation. Those who want to take care of every detail in one go can ever arrange for transportation both from and to the airport. You can find more information at Skola’s website at http://www.skola.co.uk/

Safety First

The wellbeing of its students is the number one concern at Culford, one of the most prestigious summer schools England has to offer. Culford School makes sure that its students are in a secure and friendly environment so that everyone can focus on improving their skills and enjoying their stay. While the mood is relaxed and friendly, the school maintains close supervision of their students to make sure that they follow the school rules. The goal is to ensure the safety and well being of the students as well as make sure that they can achieve the maximum benefit from their stay. In the case of any medical problem, there is a school nurse available all hours of the day. Transportation is available should it be needed to deal with emergencies.