The most watched flight attendant in the world meets his arch hater: incredible the reaction

Who’s the world’s most watched flight attendant on social media? Up to now is the Italian Laura D’Amore of Apulian origin: Height 174cm with measures 93-62-93 is the woman who is conquering the general public of the web. Graduated in marketing with honors, she started working for the airline at 23. The life of flight stewardesses and influencers is not at all simple , says Laura, especially when you come across the Haters. It happened recently when a very cynical follower met you on an international flight. The man criticized the beautiful hostess for never having responded to his private messages or his public comments, even at a distance of time, and especially to photoshoppare his photos as too beautiful.

Unfortunately at the moment Unfortunately, at the moment of the meeting the man’s reaction was unexpected because after having noticed with his eyes that the hostess was exactly as he had always seen her on Instagram, he was amazed. A meeting that knows the incredible comments Laura D’amore, as it was the same follower to tell these episodes and how he was pleasantly surprised to see her live, after imagining and following in time…

Now it happens more and more often to stop and recognize it, thanks to the growing popularity on social networks of the beautiful hostess.

Laura D’amore, with over 13 years of career behind, Today is recognized as “the most followed flight attendant in the world” with almost 700 thousand fans on her Instagram account @lauradamore_

That’s not what Laura expected after the first photo was published. The phenomenon does not escape the great brands that have begun to notice it and today could represent the Italian flag in the world. Laura travels on several routes throughout Europe and is regularly recognized by fans even on the street, with an audience made mainly by men. “Some people who meet me on the plane say that I am much more beautiful live than in the picture”: An arduous task that the followers have delivered to Laura, that is to represent the beauty of the Italian hostesses in the world.

The news is bouncing all over Europe and this has also brought an exponential growth of female followers who like her want to become flight attendants for large companies: there has been a 20% increase in the female audience.

Between flights, the beautiful Apulian will soon be on the big screen: “I love to wake up constantly in a new city. I’m away from home for a long time, which can be difficult, but I meet new people and travel a lot “, said Laura. “I was able to seize so many incredible opportunities and soon – thanks to my manager Cristian Nardi –  I will start a new adventure in the world of the show and I will be the protagonist along with some American actors of a new action film / science fiction that will be shot completely in Italy”. A future

A future on TV? a reality show ready to wait for it? … as the famous song “we’ll find out only by living”.