The Heritage of Memory by a great Maestro: Silvio Eupani

Silvio Eupani (ph. ©Lorenza Sardei)

Maestro Silvio Eupani, historical researcher, writer, lyric singer, educator & social volouteer, who has been for several years the President of our Cultural Society “Ricercatori Moda d’Epoca” (Italian Fashion Vintage Researchers) and the , sadly passed away last 2nd of March 2020. 

The Funeral could not take place, nor a public religious Church service in his tribute, since, on the day foreseen, the Anti-Covid restrictions decided by the Italian Government become effective by all means.

Finally, tomorrow, October 2, there will be the public holy Mass in the Cathedral of Malo (Vicenza) at 7 pm and, as definitelly deserved, having been M° Eupani a lyric tenor in worldwide career for 30 years too, it will be a sung holy service with the extraordinary participation of the prestigious choir “I cantori di Santomio” where, in his young years, M° Silvio Eupani had been the soloist with his unrivalled tenor voice. In the mid-Seventies his superlative voice was then discovered by M° Mario Del Monaco, who become his mentor and encouraged him much to definitelly & deservedly undertake the professional career as primal protagonist tenor in the lyric operas, especially by Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti and also Bellini, Bizet, Leoncavallo, Giordano. He performed 25 different operas in almost the same number of Countries in some of the most important worldwide Opera Theatres. His warm potent and technically flawless voice will remain in the Olympus of the best Tenor Voices of all times. His studies, historical researches and multi-prized books (the volume of 500 pages entitled “Da Quarto dei Mille al Pasubio al Fiume Don – Epopea di Malo” won 10 national Prizes for literature) on Italian Motherland patriotic history will witness the heritage of Memory, will feed the knowledge of the present young generations as the future ones. His courage and his generous humanitarian help in many social fields will remain unforgotten in our hearts & souls. 

I want to just add a conclusive thought: with great huge courage he has been fighting against the desease in his bed of a ward for 2 months & could defeat the sepsis infection to succeed to be dismissed and return back home to his beloved wife Caterina to live with her his last 15 days. The desease was then fatal but, gladly, he could rejoin for a last farewell his wife, who is impaired from walking and could not visit him in the hospital.

Thank you Maestro Silvio Eupani. RIP  

In these times, there has been no big consolation. However, with the co-operation of Stefano Wolf, during these desperate months, we have carried out a music videos Youtube playlist with some of his best opera arias & romanzas. A little project that he especially had begun with the agreement of M° Eupani 8 years ago. The playlist is in progress & will be extended & improved by future new additional videos with his former recordings and our new editing & montage.

This is, so far, the compilation of the first 10 videos:

Tenor SILVIO EUPANI ultimate opera arias, lyric romanzas & lieder compilation

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