The Solbidyum Wars Sagas Have Begun

Space Opera adventures in an old time style of science fiction writing.

Mesa, AZ, April 14, 2014 – Space Opera adventures in an old time style of science fiction writing. The stories are full of fun, romance, mystery and adventure that will make you want to believe they could be true.

Thibodaux James Renwalt was just a typical Earth man intent on spending a day fishing in the bayous of Louisiana, when he stumbles across a 600 year old space craft sunk in the swamp. Tibby manages to board the ship and accidently activate a homing device; and he is rendered unconscious when the ship takes off. Tibby awakens to find himself in deep space with no way to return home.

He eventually rendezvous with a large Federation space ship and told that he is about to become the richest man in the universe, as the small ship he discovered is carrying the rarest and most valuable substance in the galaxy – an extraordinary and powerful element called solbidyum. But things do not go easily for Tibby, as others covet the wealth and power associated with the solbidyum and are prepared to go to war to obtain it. Deception and treachery abound in this saga. Tibby falls in love, forges new friendships and encounters dangerous enemies in this ongoing adventure that is plan ned as a nine-book series. Books 1 and 2 of this saga have already been launched and are garnering readers who are hungry for more. Book 3 of the saga is scheduled for release in mid-summer of 2014.

These books offer good, old-time science fiction adventure with fun, romance and action that are reminiscent of Star Wars, Star Trek, The Fifth Element, Farscape and others. You will not want to miss this saga.

Solbidyum Wars Saga Book 1 BATTLE OF THE NEW ORLEANS by Dale C Musser
ISBN-10: 0615943918
ISBN-13: 978-0615943916

Solbidyum Wars Saga Book 2 SWEET HOME ALLE BAMMA by Dale C Musser
ISBN-10: 0615966446
ISBN-13: 978-0615966441

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