Runa Capital fund size increased to US$ 135 million

The total fund size of international venture capital fund Runa Capital, founded in the summer of 2010, was increased from $75 million to $135 million. The increase in fund size occurred due to a private offering with existing Runa Capital venture partners that invested additional capital.

The decision to increase fund size was taken upon by the venture partners of the Fund, and founders and owners of large international technological businesses.

This capital growth has enabled Runa Capital to increase maximum investment size to $10 million. Previously, the Fund was focused on deals with an investment size of less than $5 million. It has also the fund given an opportunity to make big investments in consumer projects, and companies at different stages of growth. Runa Capital is also going to actively invest in teams, developing B2C Internet projects on seed and early stages of development, investing from $100,000 to $1 million. Runa Capital”s team tech expertise and experience in building technology companies in Europe, America and Asia makes Runa Capital a proactive investor and partner that is providing substantial assistance and support in creating software, developing start-ups business, resolving operational problems and attracting investors at the subsequent rounds.

Oleg Tscheltzoff, Founder & CEO of, Investor, Venture partner and advisor at Runa Capital stated that, “Runa Capital is a unique fund that combines professional investors with real entrepreneurs that have a wide network in the international tech community”.

Serguei Beloussov, Senior founding partner of Runa Capital said: “We are grateful to the fund´s venture partners for their trust and support. For the first two years our team has demonstrated its ability to invest not only money, but also expertise and experience to create global companies. The unique smart money model of Runa Capital created by technology entrepreneurs has already demonstrated its success. Its main proof are is unique teams of professionals that accepted investments from the fund, and their achievements of which brought revolutionary technologies in different areas of IT business. ”

The investment portfolio of the Fund includes ten portfolio companies from Russia, the U.S., Great Britain, France and Ukraine. In total, the Fund is planning to invest in some 40 to 50 technology companies.

By now, the Fund has invested in ten projects: Nginx, TravelMenu, Ecwid, Jelastic, OnAir3G, Metabar, BigTimeR Software, ThinkGrid, StopTheHacker, B2B center and Capptain. Some of them have already gained worldwide recognition. For example, Nginx ( is the second most popular web-server in the world which hosts over 60 million websites and 20% of the 10,000 high load resources that include Facebook, Yandex, Zappos, Groupon, LivingSocial, Hulu, TechCrunch, Dropbox and WordPress. Another start-up enterprise of Runa Capital is Ecwid Online-shop constructor (, the world´s first cross-platform AJAX-widget for e-commerce and the second most popular e-commerce application on Facebook, which supports 160,000 shops in 174 countries. Jelastic, the creator of the Java-application construction cloud-platform, recognized by over 16,000 developers all over the world, opened its office in San Francisco and concluded agreements with such hosting providers as Servint, Host Europe and Dogado.

The Fund was founded In August 2010 by Serguei Beloussov (founder and co-owner of Parallels, Acumatica and Acronis), Alexander Galitsky (founder of Almaz Capital Partners) and Dmitry Chikhachev (Ericsson, Ritzio, Uvenco). The Fund invests in cloud computing, Internet, virtualization and mobile applications. The key executive purpose of Runa Capital is to select promising technology companies all around the world, introduce them to the global marketplace and provide them with further support, turning them into international champions.

Among the partners of Runa Capital are over 50 technology entrepreneurs and professional investors, which include the founder of the hosting company 1&1, Andreas Gauger, the chairman of UFG Asset Management and co-investor of “Yandex”, Charles Ryan, the founder of Softline, Igor Borovikov, the founder of Fotolia, Oleg Cheltsov, the founder of Dr.Web, Igor Danilov, ex-CEO of Brunswick Bank in Russia and the CIS, Edward Nicholson and investor of companies such as Begun,, Alawar and Elcomsoft, Alexander Katalov. Partners of the Fund are founders of some of the world´s largest technology companies, with an overall value of $10 billion or more, and include businesses such as Parallels, Acronis, Alawar, Acumatica, Begun, United Internet, Softline, Fotolia, Softkey and others.