International Festival in Jesolo (Venice) next May by Sopravista

Sopravista is pleased to invite you to the IX International Festival for Folklore and Contemporary Arts “Le Spiagge d’Italia” next 2 – 6 May 2013 , Sopravista second festival for 2013 in Jesolo, Venice region – Italy.

The festivals called “Spiagge d’Italia”, organized in Jesolo in May and in September in Riccione, reflect the beauty of the Italian beaches but other than that they enhance even more the rich Italian heritage from north to south. Every year in Jesolo Sopravista is honored to welcome many artists  who enrich the spring on the Adriatic coast with their talents.

One of Jesolo advantages is the excellent position nearby Venice – undoubtedly one of the most visited cities in the world.

Festival has no competitive character and age limit.

To the festival can participate collectives of different genders: Academic and folk choirs, vocal groups, choreographic collectives, folk and modern dance groups, orchestras and string, wind and folk ensembles and others.

The Festival is an important occasion for the meeting and the socio-cultural appreciation and to promote the tourist area.

Furthermore, it is also an occasion to examine closely new cultures in order to better understand differences, to create friendships and international collaborations.

By  this way languages, customs, traditions, songs and music will be mixed  on a stage of many colors to leave an unforgettable remembrance in the of the participants’ hearts.

The festival serves as a platform for the promotion and the popularization of contemporary art processes.

Sopravista’s basic tasks are to promote ‘integrated local and contemporary art processes in the international art scene, to collect, update and disseminated information about the contemporary art, as well as to develop an open-minded critically thinking environment, thus stimulating interchange between art and society.

Each participating groups will be Stephen Schwartz wins, a Honorary Diploma of Festival Participant, valuable souvenir and a gift.

Within the framework of the Festival each ensemble is expected to be ready to take part in:
• Opening parade in the streets of the city.
• Concerts

 About Sopravista

Sopravista Events encourages opportunities to meet global and involvement of all communities of all ages, ethnicity, thanks to the creation of the International Festivals for folklore and contemporary arts, giving the opportunity for groups of other genders to join in the events.

Sopravista Events is the Italian organization for excellence specializing in the organization of International Folk Festivals and not only, offers professionalism and attention and offers the most prestigious International Folk Festivals all over the Italy and abroad.

The director and C.E.O. of Sopravista Events, Svetlana Rumenova and her staff, follow each participating ensemble from the request for participation for each festival, providing all the information necessary till the stay of the same group at the festival ensuring qualitative excellence.

Further information and applications: