Put points and lines over a map (kml) with 1map1trip 2.0

1map1trip is an old style batch server software but it can work like a pipe (can support STDIN and STDOUT) in the same way in a lot of operating systems: Windows (in dos windows), Linux, AIX, Solaris, HPUX (using executable version) and stranger OS like openvms, Z series, AS/400, SCO, … (using perl).
1map1trip can convert your points (the points you can extract from your dbs) into lines over a map (kml) or place your points over a map.

1map1trip 2.0 news:

  1. We introduce noline : 1. Using it 1trip1map doesn’t convert points into line, simply put the points over the map in the right position.
  2. In input file you can insert blank lines and/or comments (hash symbol followed by chars) after spaces.

1map1trip is young, ask us modifies and we will add them in the next releases or customize the software for you (if kml format allow to add them).

INPUT FILE (or STDIN) format

The format of the input file has to be a sequence of
latitute;longitude;(altitude optional);(title optional);(body optional in html syntax)
This is a simple valid input file or standard input
# a line that start with # is a comment line
# the input files have to have 5 fields
# longiture;latitute;altitude optional;title optional;body optional
# is a valid line
11.733613014221191;44.957479650570484;0.0;End;<b>End Point</b>
# will add over the point 11.733613014221191;44.957479650570484;0.0 of the line
# a balloon with the title End and inside the html code <b>End Point</b>

RUN 1trip1map
1trip1map *.cvs will convert all the .cvs files into .kml files
On unix cat your_filename | 1trip1map – will print into standard output the kml file
On windows (dos) more your_filename | 1trip1map –

Configuration file
The configuration file of 1trip1map is 1trip1map.cfg in the same directory where you run 1trip1map
Editing it you can change default settings

1trip1map is free only for personal use, for commercial (business) use the fee for every license is euro 50 + 5 euro for every physical core (for virtual servers euro 80 + 10 euro for every virtual core). Write us to register your license info (@) pivari . com

To download the software and find more information

info (@) pivari.com
Write us the features you need in the next releases. We will add them!

1tri1map simple kml in Google Earth