The perfect barbecue for all tastes

London, 22 March, 2010: When barbecuing for friends, it can be annoying to be able to prepare some things well and others… well, not so memorably. Whether it’s for preparing meats, fish, vegetables or tofu, an all-purpose barbecue is required to make sure that the job gets done right. Incorporating the rotation method of cooking popular in Mediterranean barbecue cuisine, the BarbeSkew is one solution that will ensure a better barbecue time after time.

The world’s first hands-free barbecue, the BarbeSkew cooks meat to perfection, meaning no more unsightly and unappetising burned or charred bits and certainly no risk of the food remaining pink and raw in the middle. Yet what about barbecues for vegetarians? The BarbeSkew is equally well equipped to make mouth-watering veggie skewers and their suggested “No Meat Mixed Grill” of sweet potatoes, white button onions, courgettes, leeks, red peppers, portobello mushrooms and corn is something that will make even the most dedicated carnivore salivate and consider a change of lifestyle!

Yet when cooking a vegetarian barbecue, there are a few extra details to consider. For instance, while pre-made veggie burgers may be better for your cholesterol level, the absence of natural juices and fats when compared to a beef burger means that it’s best to prepare the grill a little differently in advance. This is a simple matter and just means cleaning and scraping off any residue and coating the cooking surface lightly with oil on a paper towel or a non-stick cooking spray. Another consideration is cooking the meats and vegetable separately and well apart from each other. The individual skewers of a BarbeSkew make this even easier than when cooking on a grill. Extra-firm tofu is perfect for grilling on skewers, just as smaller vegetables like mushrooms and brussels sprouts.

About the BarbeSkew: Created by entrepreneur Ed Wray, the BarbeSkew is an innovative new product release on the British market. With all the tried and true features of a traditional barbecue, BarbeSkew barbecues combine your average BARBEcue with automatically rotating SKEWers to ensure cooking perfection. BarbeSkews are available in charcoal or gas models, and come equipped with two sets of skewers: 9 shorter kebab skewers that fit into the skewer rack at the rear of the BarbeSkew BBQ and are made to rotate together by a series of cogs driven by the battery-operated centre cog; 1 long skewer with two food clamps (for chickens); and 2 cage BBQ skewers (for beef burgers, steaks or fish). The clamp skewers and cage skewers fit into the BBQ skewer rack at the side of the BarbeSkew BBQ.