The IMAGE TTP245 Now On Sale by South East Labels

17th May, 2010 – South East Labels has recently revealed that the Image TTP245 Plus printer will be on offer at a reduced price for the rest of the month. The TTP245 Plus printer is a new and improved version of IMAGE’s most popular line of printers. South East Labels runs montly sales offers for both printers and printer products at reduced prices.

The Image TTP245 Plus Printer

Produced by manufacturer IMAGE, the TTP245 Plus printer can be seen as an upgrade and improvement on one of the company’s best-selling lines of printers. The developers have featured the TTP245 Plus with enhanced electronics, which include a standard Flash memory of 2 MB (Megabytes), 8 MB SDRAM and a SD card slot which can be used to expand the device’s flash memory (for a relatively low price) up to 4 GB (Gigabytes). The machine has been improved in terms of both processing times (thanks to the 32 bit microprocessor included) as well as print speeds which can now easily reach 5 inches per second on the 203 Dpi (dots per inch which indicates the resolution or crispness of the image) setting and up to 3 inches per second on the 300 Dpi setting.

The TTP245 offers the standard means of communication that have been featured on the line in the past: serial, parallel and USB 2.0 ports. The TTP245 can also be easily installed on a network due to the internal Ethernet LAN interface. One of the most marketable features of the new Plus model is the fact that the printer is able to handle several languages out of the box, including TSPL, ZPL and EPL, which are auto-detected by the device and handled separately without human intervention. The IMAGE TTP245 also emulates both Zebra and Eltron with precision. The design is functional but does not stray far from what the line has shown us in the past.

Mechanical Innovation

The TTP245 Plus uses the new Dual-Motor gear – this engineering design provides the machine with the horsepower it needs to handle ribbons up to 300 metres in length and rolls of labels up to 8.4 inches OD. As the name implies, the printer uses two motors that work in tandem; using two motors instead of one (as was previously the standard) generates a lower torque, increases durability on the parts and assures the quiet operation of the equipment. The ribbon capacity of 300 metres is one of the most important selling points for the device, as this length is more than three times longer than the industry standard for desktop label printers. The maximum print area, on the other hand, does conform to the standards of the industry, with a label width of 108 mm (4.25 inches) and a maximum label length of 2,286 mm (90 inches).

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