The Heady High of Chocolates – Shaken, Not Stirred

London, April 2010 – Do Berry White, Black Sombrero, Blue Carnation and Brandy Alexander ring any bells? The next time you head to a pub quiz, have your answer ready that these are some of the biggest hits among chocoholics on the party circuit.

From ice creams to cakes and soaps to lotions, chocolate is a universal favourite. But what do you do if you want to drink chocolate? There is, of course, the choices of hot chocolate or smooth chocolate iced shakes. But if that’s not what you are in the mood for, then it’s time to check out the latest fad among bartenders – chocolate cocktails.

Chocolate is a flavour that combines well with most food and drinks. So instead of enjoying your favourite spirit and chocolate in a liquor chocolate, bartenders across the world are getting chocolate infused into drinkS to give you that extra heady high. Some of these chocolate cocktails are an exotic treat to your taste buds. But remember to choose your drink carefully, for some drinks are designed to be far higher in chocolate content than others.

On the London pub circuits, bartenders at new restobars and lounges swear by flavoured vodka and its versatility in combining with different kinds of chocolate for an array of cocktails. “Mixing chocolate and alchohol is a sure-fire win-win idea. For the chocoholics, the chocolate in the drink guarantees a great punch, while for those who love their alchohol, the chocolate provides an interesting twist to their favoured spirit”, says Marco, one of the busiest bartenders in one of London’s bustling lounge bars. “And if you love a fruit twist, chocolates combine well with berries to make some popular cocktails, like Berrilicious Martini or a Chocolate Orange Martini.”

It isn’t only in London where chocolate cocktails are taking off: “On a busy day, there are at least 15 people who ask me for my special chocolate cocktails. While some order straight from the menu, the others want me to combine their favourite ingredients and come up with a cocktail made especially for them”, says Jake, a bartender who freelances at private parties across Europe.

Replace the vodka with rum, and you can produce a whole new range of cocktails. In fact, some of the new cocktails that have now begun to surface on your drinks menu even suggest a chocolate cocktail as a replacement for your favourite slice of chocolate cake for dessert. So if it’s a chocolate fix that you are looking for after a lovely dinner, there’s now the option of ditching your chocolate cheesecake and saying yes to a smooth spirited chocolate drink!