The Best Food Britain Can Provide

London, 15th June, 2010: Spring and summer bring warm weather, and that means many people want to get outside and host events such as picnics, barbecues and other outdoor parties. To make these events successful, good quality food is needed. Forman and Field can help anyone wanting quality, traditional British foods at their summer party. The company, based in East London, provides a wide range of fine foods by mail order.

Forman and Field’s parent company is H. Forman and Son, a salmon-smokers founded in 1905. They supply top London restaurants with smoked salmon, caviar and fresh fish. They opened Forman and Field as the mail order arm of the company in 2002, providing gourmet British foods online. Top food writers rate them as the best fine food mail order company in the business.

They have a wide range of products, and many are ideal for outdoor summer eating. They supply a range of cured meats and fish, cheeses, pies, cakes and other foods that are essential to any good summer picnic or party. They also help with the drinks, providing a variety of wines to accompany the food. To make life easier, they have a range of hampers, ideal for picnics and days out. These contain carefully selected foods, which make up a perfect outdoor meal, whether it’s a family event or a romantic picnic for a couple.

Forman and Field’s foods are always high quality. They hand pick their suppliers, only doing business with those who use traditional ingredients and recipes to create fine British gourmet foods. Guests who’ve been fed on Forman and Field foods will certainly go home feeling satisfied.

About Forman and Field: Forman and Field offers seasonal, traditionally produced British foods. Their range of products includes foods ideal for presents, eating at home or catering for parties and events. All can be ordered easily online and delivered to your doorstep by overnight courier. They also supply a selection of hampers and gift baskets.