Studying English with Alexanders International School in January

East Sussex, 8 October 2010 – There is a commonly held misconception among many people interested in giving their children the experience of studying English in the UK. They believe that programmes always begin in autumn. It is time to dispel that myth.

Alexanders International School continues to provide the opportunity to study all year round, with numerous programmes beginning in January or later. With autumn already in full swing, parents may want to begin considering registration for winter and spring courses with the school. Alexanders boasts not only a great academic record but also wonderful grounds. For Alexanders School Bawdsey provides the perfect combination of village charm and easy access to famous cities such as London and Cambridge.

During the year, the school runs two main programmes. The first is the Boarding School Foundation Course, which is a one-year course for beginners. A student can start this course in January or April. Then there are the IGCSE/GCSE programmes, which are one-year and two-year courses for beginner and intermediate language learners. Both these programmes may be started in January. The IGCSE/GCSE programmes are designed for students who want to prepare for college and university in the UK.

Alexanders also offers opportunities for entire classrooms to travel abroad to study. In addition to students, teachers are accommodated, and the coursework is flexible and responsive to the needs of the group. More importantly, these types of exchanges occur all year, making them easier to schedule.

The Academic English plus Multi-Activities programme begins in March and ends in June. Groups and individuals can take this course, which seeks to pair English courses with arts and sports activities. Students can play basketball, volleyball and squash at Alexanders.

If it is not possible to undertake coursework during the academic year, Alexanders also offers summer courses, which run from June to September. These also couple language coursework with outdoor, arts and theatre activities.

If you are looking for a boarding school UK schools provide a great opportunity for students interested in being immersed in the English language. Alexanders specifically provides a flexible set of programmes that can be adapted to each student’s individual needs, making it a great choice for any parent, regardless of the time of year.

About Alexanders International School: Alexanders is an international boarding school for young students from all over the world. The school provides high-quality English language tuition in combination with school subjects to students aged 11 to 17 years old.