South East Labels’ printing technology knocks out the competition

London, 17 March, 2010: To sell a product in the current competitive market it becomes necessary to make it stand out from the crowd. The package must be marketable, as more often than not the consumer will see the package before seeing the product itself. Production companies and distributors therefore find themselves facing the increasing challenge of making their packaging attractive and innovative. In this respect, labels can act as great agents, as they are both creative and communicative. Ensuring the best in digital printing, South East Labels offer a comprehensive range of products and the highest quality of manufacturing products.

Larger runs of labels are managed through the use of the Rotary Press: highly qualified platemakers convert the artwork to printing plates within three days of being signed off by the customer. Along with a stock of black and pantone-matched colours, the range of Primera digital printers are also equipped for gold and silver printing at no extra cost. Full colour digital printing is both cost effective and fast, and will increase the impact of the packaging with vibrant colours, which is ideal for test marketing and limited edition products. South East Labels is also agreeable to sending full colour samples of artwork sent on email and disks using PC supported files.

Along with label printing technologies, South East Labels also has a comprehensive range of products on offer like standard and custom options of sizes and access to numerous materials of paper and synthetics like polyester, clear polypropylene, ultra-destructible, tamperproof, laminated, waterproof, void and perforated. Various adhesives including permanent, peelable, easypeel, water-soluble, freezer and chill perm are also available. In addition, the successful scanning of barcodes is facilitated through the use of the highest quality materials and over-printing by thermal transfer or thermal direct printers. Customers who have a specific requirement are encouraged to contact the printers for advice and samples, or fill in an enquiry form by accessing the website.

Having established a name for the highest quality and range of services over the past 20 years, South East labels offers printering solutions for every sector. Playing a crucial role in advertising and marketing by producing innovative and attention-gathering labels, they have also influenced sales volume and increased turnover. In addition, it has also offered producers the freedom to act and react to changes in the market without any additional economic impact.