South East Labels ensures rapid and reliable delivery for customers

With the ominous warnings of a three-day Royal Mail postal strike resulting in a backlog of at least 150 million letters and packets being issued by the union representing Britain’s striking postal workers, the pressure has been felt not only by Royal Mail management, but by businesses and individuals throughout the United Kingdom. Fortunately, with the third round of postal strikes being postponed until the New Year to allow for fresh talks and continued delivery during the festive season, this predicted figure hasn’t eventuated but the tension in the ongoing industrial dispute is still a sore point in Britain. Irrespective of the recent stalemate, many companies are anxious about how this instability has made contacting their customers somewhat of an uncertain business.

Office goods manufacturer and supplier South East Labels is no exception, however the company has decided to instigate its already scheduled change from hard copy to electronic media communication a little earlier. This development will entail the transmission of invoices and statements by e-mail correspondence and attachments, instead of the previous method of sending hard copy by post. The team at South East Labels has been making a name for itself over the past 20 years for the rapid delivery and reliable supply of labels, barcodes, and other office goods. The company deals in printed products as well as the means to produce such business solutions, such as digital printers, scanners, and verifiers, and aims to be a “one stop spot” for everything from an office label printer to security and asset tracking labels.

The recent Royal Mail strikes are part of an industrial dispute that has been ongoing since the summer, and is the first action involving postal workers since 2007. The reason behind the action is cited as Royal Mail’s refusal to enter into a dialogue with the Communication Workers Union as to the job security for postal workers in light of proposed modernisation plans. Royal Mail has been trying to compensate for a 10% drop in letter volume, although the strikes have threatened the postal system with a huge volume of backlog just before the Christmas rush. The proposed changes to the South East Labels invoicing system will have a further benefit for customers though, with the reduced overheads meaning that the company can afford to keep its prices continually low for all first-time and repeat customers.

Please note that South East Labels will be closed for the festive season from the afternoon of Tuesday 23rd December 2009, and will reopen on Monday 5th January 2010