Product Update Day a success for South East Labels

Effectively communicating the most up-to-date product knowledge with staff is traditionally achieved through a threefold model: incorporating the strategy of a marketing launch, the more classic model of classroom training, or simply by word of mouth.

However, in the modern business world, these usual means of expression have taken an innovative turn, and many companies throughout the world are striving to find a fresh way to keep passing on information about the product line to the workforce, who ultimately will be responsible for taking this technical and sales knowledge beyond the confines of the company and generally improving the entire customer experience of the business.

South East Labels, an imaging and printing company based in West Sussex, is no exception, and the company’s recent Product Update Day proved to be a positive step towards maximising the customer experience of doing business with this market leader in labels and labelling accessories manufacture and supply. Held on November 4th, the 2009 Product Update Day was an effective means of communicating with staff the latest information in the field of office supplies and labelling equipment. The information day took place with three distinct product analyses dedicated to the following categories:

* Toshiba products
* Opticom scanning
* Opticom mobile labelling equipment

Reports indicate that the sessions were beneficial and enlightening for all involved, and the sales team and customer service representatives indicated that they were much more familiar with the latest range of Toshiba printers, including the SX4T model and Tec Label Printers. Particular attention was given to the correct usage of authentic Toshiba / TEC ribbons, which can only be used in Toshiba / TEC label printers. This proved to be a crucial area for improved customer understanding, especially for those ordering online, as each ribbon is different and each printer has its own specific ribbon requirements.

As well as product update and employee training days, the team at South East Labels has been focusing on incorporating a variety of methods and techniques to encourage the delivery of the best advice and solutions for the needs of customers. Approaches include the development of a regularly updated product information repository, the use of shared media platforms such as Wikis, eRoom, and eForums, and keeping up the communication essentials with a weekly email containing company and printing-related updates in an easy-to-read press release format. In light of these measures, South East Labels is confident that each and every purchase of a label printer or label product will be accompanied by better customer service, with a greater level of product knowledge and technical specifications among most sales and customer service staff, and hopes that this degree of elevated product knowledge will continue through in the future years of the company.