Onedrywash is the New Name for International Leading Brand of Waterless Carwash Product

One product, one process, Onedrywash – is the new name for the waterless carwash product (formerly known as Miracle Drywash)

Crawley, West Sussex – SJK Products Ltd officially announced today the new name it has chosen for its leading waterless carwash product, formerly known as Miracle Drywash. The rebranded product is now called “Onedrywash”.


New label design for Onedrywash for cars

There were several reasons for the name change; Tim Jones, company chairman explains: “Why ‘Onedrywash’? Well, it’s the number one waterless carwash product, now used throughout Autoglass’s 400 UK outlets and by Gate Aviation on its cars and buses in an increasing number of UK airports. Onedrywash also has an expanding network of international distributors in places as far afield as Scandinavia, Dubai and Australia as well as a vast and ever-expanding network of resellers throughout the UK.”

A bottle of the new-look Onedrywash – no water required

A major benefit of the product that, until now, was not reflected in its name was the fact that, in one go, you can clean and polish your car at the same time with no need to wet it before you start, nor rinse after cleaning (both very wasteful of water), nor wax afterwards. “We’ve come up with a new by-line that says it all,” adds Jones, “One product, one process, Onedrywash and no water required.”

About Onedrywash
Onedrywash, manufactured by SJK Products Ltd in Crawley, West Sussex, UK, is a totally waterless washing system – a revolutionary way to both clean and polish your car, caravan, boat, motorbike, or any other metal, glass, or painted surface – with only a single application of the product. It both prevents pollutants and detergents from entering the river system and each bottle (7 washes) saves 1 ton of water, so it’s good news for the environment. The product was endorsed by South East Water in 2006 and was awarded the prestigious Waterwise Marque in 2007 for its contribution towards saving water in the UK. It is available from Amazon and Autoglass who also use it to valet their clients’ vehicles. The company, SJK Products, was co-founded in 2004 by SJ Khebbal, CEO and Tim Jones, Chairman.

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