New Printer – An Improvement on a Best-Seller Makes For Yet Another Best-Seller

The Image TTP245 Plus Series Printer is a new and improved version of a tried and tested label printer, the Image TTP245 Printer. It is a must have for all of those who are looking to update their label printing technology.

The Image TTP245 Plus Series Printer is an enhanced electronic printer that offers standard a 2MB Flash, 8MB SDRAM and SD card slot. It is equipped with a flash drive and an internal Ethernet LAN interface with easy network installation and at a lower cost – only £385.

Like all printers supplied by South East Labels, this printer comes complete with all of its installation software, including some advanced labeling programmes for print management and data storage. It is 100% WYSIWYG, producing a printing performance that is unparalleled among competitors. These printers are compatible with multiple computer languages including TSPL, ZPL, and EPL. These languages allow emulation with Zebra and Eltron. Also, this printer is equipped with Ethernet capabilities that are both more affordable and easy to install than traditional systems. Finally, the speed is another advantage of these printers, printing labels at 127mm per second. These features make label printing a simple and efficient way to keep track of warehouse stock, update purchase databases, and manage detailed information relating to products.

Barcodes are an important part of many businesses and the Image TTP245 Plus Series Printer makes printing barcodes simple.

For those businesses that rely upon a barcode printer and barcode equipment, this newest Image printer is a welcomed addition to any office or warehouse or stockroom.

At just £385, this printer is both a great piece of technology and an affordable piece of technology; especially with South East Labels offering it at such a great price.