New language programme encourages use of English in day-to-day situations

London, 8 April, 2010: Malvern House, an English language school located in Central London, announces new language programme for learners of all nationalities. Following the latest development from the independent English language college, students now have the opportunity to study a brand new course at the London learning centre. The Preliminary English Test (PET), a new Cambridge Exam Course, has been created to help students to confidently incorporate their classroom skills when using English on a day-to-day basis, and the preparatory course is now on offer at Malvern House.

With a variety of Cambridge Exam Courses available for students, Malvern House is an accredited English school in London that understands the reasons students have for pursuing their studies internationally and caters its courses accordingly. Students study abroad for many reasons, though one of the most popular reasons for studying in London is the quality and availability of English language schools. However that’s not all: London is a popular study destination to experience the city, prepare for further studies or enter the job market. Malvern House courses include the Business Certificate Courses, which are accredited by EDI, offer a gateway to ABE Diploma Courses and grant successful students an NQF Level 3 Qualification.

The inclusion of the Preliminary English Test (PET) course means that students will be able to enhance their level of English to continue their studies or search for work, while at the same time making the most of the school’s central location. Thanks to the PET course, pre-intermediate and intermediate students are able to improve their language skills in a variety of day-to-day situations. This even covers the most practical matters, like ordering food in a restaurant, reading about what’s on in London and engaging in conversations, allowing students to confidently live their everyday life in English. This course is popular way to develop and improve language skills as it provides practical language practice in a variety of everyday work, study and leisure situations. As the PET reflects the use of language in real life, many employers accept it as proof of English ability for clerical, secretarial or managerial positions. Industries such as tourism, retail, construction, manufacturing and engineering also widely accept the PET as proof of capacity in spoken English.

About Malvern House: Providing international students with the opportunity to learn English London at a quality British institution since 2000, Malvern House College is an independent English language college that specialises in a range of affordable English courses. Accredited by the British Council, Malvern House offers students the highest standard of teaching, quality of learning, resources and college environment. For students seeking an English school London, Malvern House is a tried and true favourite. Learn English in the heart of London at Malvern House to make the grade with your English language studies.