Make burnt BBQ meat a thing of the past

London, February 1, 2010: The idea of cooking meat on skewers certainly isn’t a recent conception, however BarbeSkew is the latest innovation out on the market to ensure that everyone from BBQ novices to seasoned pros can cook a great tasting and healthy barbecue – without the guesswork for the food preparation, and certainly without the headaches and hassles to clean up afterwards.

All around the world, meat and vegetables are cooked to perfection on skewers. Throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, this has represented the traditional method of food preparation for time immemorial. Yet even though skewers are used regularly in Turkish, Iranian, Indian, Russian, Chinese, Greek and Cypriot cooking, it’s not something that has caught on so far for a traditional British barbecue. Yet the BarbeSkew, an inspired combination of BARBEcue and SKEWers, is set to change all that and make gourmet food preparation and entertaining guests even easier. Standing out from traditional grill barbeques thanks to its rotating skewer system, the BarbeSkew is the world’s first “hands-free” barbecue, ensuring that meat is cooked through to perfection and nothing burns; leaving you with evenly cooked meat, without a pink centre or crusted with a burnt black outside.

Ed Wray, the creator and founder of the BarbeSkew, says that a BarbeSkew differs from a regular BBQ as ‘on a traditional barbecue, the food is placed on the grill – it burns. It is turned over – it burns. And then it is taken off the grill – uncooked. And what are you left with? Burnt uncooked food.’ A BarbeSkew offers even more quality in cooking as it ‘not only prepares food properly but the chef can have a drink and chat to guests without worrying about constantly turning food over. And you can cook food in all weathers by closing the lid.’ Better for health and better for the barbecue aficionados among us, the BarbeSkew is the way of the future for barbecues.

Initially introduced in 2008, the charcoal and gas BarbeSkew barbecues quickly seized the market and dominated this niche in 2009. The company further established its leading position with additional top-of-the-range releases, including a half size and half price (charcoal) BarbeSkew II model.

About BarbeSkew: Billed as the world’s first hands-free barbecue, the BarbeSkew ingeniously blends a traditional grill barbeque with a spit roast to cook meat and vegetables evenly without charring and still with that delicious barbecue taste. BarbeSkews cook meat more thoroughly, tastily and healthily and feature a charcoal tray that lowers and raises using a handle to gives precise heat control and an easy-clean removable charcoal / fat tray. Each unit comes complete with nine small kebab skewers, three large kebab skewers and a chrome cage to cook steaks or fish to perfection all whilst rotating. BarbeSkew has won numerous new product and design awards and has featured on the BBC television show Dragons’ Den, which highlights the achievements of Britain’s business hopefuls.