International Folklore Festival “Meet the tradition” in Montecatini by Sopravista

A Sopravista event:  IV°International Folklore Festival “Meet the tradition” in Montecatini showcase music, dance from various ethnicities so  people can enjoy a quality time together. From 5 to 13 July an amazing Folk Festival arranged by Sopravista. Such International Folklore Festivals give a chance to youth of different nations to come together. One of the most beautiful region of Italy – Tuscany will host the International Folklore Youth Festival “Meet the tradition”, organized in the town of Montecatini near to Florence and Pisa. After the great results in 2012, we are waiting again for numerous participants also this year. Lots of entertainment await our groups – 2 evening parades in the streets of the town, 4 big concerts in the central square of Montecatini, 2 disco evenings for the participants and the contest Miss Festival as well as during the free time you can explore the beauties of the location. Each participating group will be awarded a Honorary Diploma of Festival Participant, valuable souvenir and a gift. Who is Sopravista Sopravista Events encourages opportunities to meet global and involvement of all communities of all ages, ethnicity by the construction of the International Folklore Festivals and contemporary art thus giving the opportunity to join groups of other kinds of events. Sopravista Events is the Italian organization for excellence specializing in the organization of International Folk Festivals, offers professionalism and attention and offers the most prestigious International Festivals of Folklore on the whole national territory and International. The director and C.E.O. of Sopravista Events, Svetlana Rumenova and his staff, followed by the request for participation in each group for each festival, providing all the information necessary to stay in the same group at the festival ensuring qualitative excellence. For information material +39 3807526166