Frozen shoulder a thing of the past thanks to the Niel-Asher technique

London, April 2010: The frozen shoulder syndrome affects millions of people worldwide. Steroids and operations have little or no effect on the condition, and this is where the natural, holistic method of Mr Simeon Niel-Asher proves to be a winner. The Niel-Asher technique guarantees at a notable reduction in shoulder joint pain – without which a niggling pain can build up to stiffness of joints and ultimately partial immobility.

Who knew theat frozen shoulder sufferers could lead a pain-free life with the help of just a couple of books, an exercise band and a DVD? The years of silently suffering from a frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, are finally at an end. It’s time to stop living in the middle ages and embrace the science of the twenty first century, letting the Neil-Asher technique lead the way.

Where physical therapy tries to improve the range of motion by forcing the shoulder through the blockage, the Niel-Asher technique is a method of natural sequences of applying pressure to specific points that eases the stress and pain. When we get shoulder injuries, the brain responds by ‘switching off’ normal muscular co-ordination. There are a number of problems that arise when this happens, and the chief and most common one is a frozen shoulder. The Niel-Asher technique works by stimulating a sequence of reflexes and sending new messages to the brain.

The unique aspect of this technique lies in simple way of its thinking. Healing is not dependent on drugs or surgery. Instead it focuses on the body’s ability and capacity to heal itself. Using a varied set and specific sequence of manipulations and pressure points of the shoulder joints and soft-tissues, this is a hands-on holistic form of healing. This stimulates new pathways in the brain, rapidly releasing injury and spasm and increasing strength and power. In effect what it does is ‘fool’ your brain and therefore your body into healing itself.

There are Niel-Asher clinics all across the world that guarantee shoulder pain will a distant memory. This is a treatment that can last from anywhere between 4 to 13 sessions. There are no invasive procedures and the method is natural and drug free.

What starts off as a minor muscle pull could debilitate into something more painful and agonising. Why live in pain when there is a solution that is safe and proven to relieve your discomfort and suffering? Instead let the power of nature heal you and let your body take charge. Niel-Asher’s books and accompanying DVD guide are easy to follow and have proven to be effective in reduction of pain. There isn’t much you have to do except follow the technique and let trained therapists help you lead a healthier life.