Farmdale – New Game with Amazing Graphics from Game Garden for iOS, Android and Amazon

Game Garden releases its new free-to-play farming game for iOS and Android and that is also available on Amazon Appstore. Farmdale allows a player to grow a nice fantasy farm in a wonderful and mystic land populated by incredible plants and cute animals. A player can build production facilities, combine ingredients in countless recipes and fulfill hundreds of captivating quests.

Farm-building genre doesn´t seem to lose a bit of popularity today. Whether it is because of the casual yet grasping gameplay or due to lots of in-game possibilities, farm games are all-time hits both in Google Play and App Store.

Farmdale by Game Garden tries to bring the changes to the classic gameplay by adding magical and fairytale component. Balbo Braggins, a famous adventurer, commits his farm to his nephew or niece. By seeding plants, growing animals and building various improvements, the player should gradually rehabilitate the farm and make it the most fantastic place in this magic world!

Nice and detailed cartoon graphics helps a player to quickly come under a spell of Farmdale, while limitless possibilities keep a young farmer busy and interested for a long time. There are hundreds of recipes from food and clothes to apparel and jewelry to produce various kinds of goods both for trade and for decoration. Dozens of animals and plants to grow will not get boring soon, while fantasy story and charming characters encourage a player to explore the dream land in search for hidden treasures and mystical quests.

A free-to-play model plus constant updates guarantee a long gaming fun, while in-game purchases are for those who want to make the long story short. Overall, Farmdale looks, feels and plays like a real magic adventure combining eye-catching visuals, simple controls and deep gameplay.

Pricing and availability

Farmdale works under Android 2.3 or higher, iOS 6.0 or higher and is available on Amazon. The game is free to play with in-game purchases available.

About company

Game Garden was founded in 2009. The company specializes in mobile games and social network games. Quality products and vast experience in game development allows the company to quickly become one of the most fast growing game developers on the market. Such game titles as Fairy Farm and Fairy Kingdom received positive feedback from thousand of users all over the world.


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