Exelement Prepares for Mountain Boarding Day 2010

Redhill, May 2010 – It was pretty clear during the month of September 2009 that Exelement had struck gold with their Mountain Boarding Day. It is no surprise, then, that the company wants to bring back the family fun of the event and is already in the midst of preparations for the 2010 version of the Mountain Boarding Day. The event, for those who yet don’t know it, takes participants on a day of mountain-board training and offers a host of competitions, a free-for-all BBQ and, this year, a smashing show by professional mountain-board riders.

As did the event held during September of last year, the Mountain Boarding Day seeks to attract both beginners and experienced riders alike; Exelement has made clear that, sans for an understandable age requirement, there is no skill barrier for entry. Of course, newcomers will be taken care of due to the excellent classes provided by the instructors that will take each participant through the essentials of the discipline before leaving them to enjoy the beautiful grounds of Redhill. Of course, all the equipment will be provided so you can start skating as soon as possible: Exelement provides every participant with a brand T-Shirt, protective gear and the board that you will use throughout the day.

Get Ready For the Competitions!

The morning of the Mountain Boarding Day kicks off to a powerful start with basic riding lessons and solo practice having the attendants fill the slopes and trails of the site. Of course, after all that activity, people are bound to get hungry; that is exactly why Exelement has decided to bring back the BBQ (which, considering the popularity of 2009’s BBQ, wasn’t a hard decision.) For those attending the event, this means that you don’t need to worry about bringing food or purchasing anything on site, you’ll have everything you need (including nourishment!) provided by the company.

Don’t stuff yourself too much, however, since the competitions kick off after lunch. The competitions will include a variety of events and can be entered by people from all skill groups; the events hosted will include the following: Slalom Runs, Timed Races, Egg & Spoon Race and even Limbo (which has, not surprisingly, been a great addition to the rooster.) After the competitions end (which have taken about 2 hours in the past), the time comes to sit back and let the pros showcase all manner of incredible stunts. Exelement has hired some of the best riders in the UK and they will put out a great show that will give you a taste of what’s possible with these boards; these people know their stuff and make the likes of offroad driving look like child’s play!

Exelement is dedicated to offer extreme experience packages that allow everyone to have a taste of unusual and adrenaline filled activities that most people don’t experience during their every day life. Details for purchasing a ticket for the Mountain Boarding Day 2010 are located on their website.