DeLclima, through its subsidiary Climaveneta, supplied the air conditioning units to the Baptist University in Hong Kong

More than 11 units installed and 10.7 million HKD profit in the last two years.

Hong-Kong-Baptist-University HQsDeLclima, through its subsidiary Climaveneta, supplied the air conditioning units to the Baptist University in Hong Kong, for a total of 11 chillers and 10,7 million HKD profit (about 1.2 million Euro) divided into 3 different projects.

Established in 1956, the Hong Kong Baptist University has over 50 years of experience in providing broad-based and creativity-inspiring education.

In the last years the HKBU started a green program to improve the energy performance of its locations by renovating the M&E systems to save energy, while simultaneously providing better comfort to the students.

The first step of this program has been to replace the existing HVAC units at the HKBU School of Chinese Medicine, a 9 floor building composed of laboratories, offices, meeting rooms, a clinic, and museum.

2 DeLclima TECS2/SL-CA and 1 screw type chiller have been installed, respectively manufactured at the Climaveneta HQs and Cimaveneta Chat Union production plants. After the installation of the new units the university started a monitoring system based on the real operating log to have a complete energy analysis of the new system. After one year of data collecting the results show that HKBU saved at least 25% in electricity costs and increased the building’s COP by 70% (coefficient of performance), with an estimated payback period for the air conditioning units of 2.5 years.

The excellent results encouraged the University to keep replacing the old HVAC units. The following construction sites have been the Wai Hang Sport Centre with 1 DeLclima air cooled chiller with screw compressors and 2 TECS2/SL-CA-E and finally the Shaw Campus where they are now installing 5 DeLclima TECS2/SL-CA, high efficiency chillers in Super Low noise versions and Class A efficiency.

The great results achieved after the first installation and the strong presence in the Chinese and Hong Kong markets, have allowed DeLclima to become the reliable partner for innovative and well performing HVAC plants not only at the Hong Kong Baptist University facilities but also in many other schools and university applications all over the world.

TECS2, CimavenetaDeLclima (DLC:IM) is specialized in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR).

DeLclima designs, produces and markets innovative, energy efficient products and provides value added services for Indoor Climate Control in commercial buildings and for Refrigeration (ICC&R) of industrial processes and ICT applications through CLIMAVENETA and RC GROUP. DeLclima also operates in the radiator business through DL Radiators.

DeLclima companies share the mission of increasing well-being and industrial productivity by providing high efficiency, reliable, economically viable and eco-sustainable solutions, in particular by embracing renewable energy sources.

Delclima manufactures in three continents and operates worldwide with subsidiaries, distributors and service companies, with particular focus in Europe, China and India. The company, headquartered in Italy, has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2012 and was previously the Professional Division of the De’Longhi group.

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