Coping with ‘Silver Divorce’ offers advice on coping with a break-up in later life and staying positive when re-entering the dating scene

Among the over-50s, ‘silver divorce’ is becoming more and more common. The well-known examples of Tipper and Al Gore splitting after 40 years, and Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins after 23, illustrate the point. Recent research shows there has been a 19% rise in ‘silver splits’ among older people compared with a fall in the general divorce rate*.
For many, divorce in the 50s can be an opportunity. Whilst finding love a second time around may be not easy, online relationship website eHarmony has outlined some useful tips for anyone who wants to start dating after a divorce. The advice below is vital reading for anyone in this situation who wants to find real love again.
1. Get Online
Internet dating has become more and more popular in recent years, with many thousands of people finding love online. Without even leaving the house, you can date and chat online, either using dating sites or getting involved in online groups and chat rooms, which tend to focus on particular interests and hobbies.
2. Change your Routine
If you find that you’re stuck in a social rut, living alone and not going out, then take steps to change this. Make the most of being single and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Clubs and societies can be great ways to meet new people, as can evening classes at a local college. Travel is another option, particularly on organised tours. However, take care to go in with the right attitude – don’t see socialising as a quest for a partner, rather a way of improving confidence and widening your social circle.
3. Prepare for Ups and Downs
Dating isn’t all easy, and you should be prepared for knock-backs and bad dates. This is all just part of the game. If you find yourself getting disheartened after a few bad dates, then take some time out. Recharge your batteries, pamper yourself, and then get back into dating with renewed confidence.
4. Have Fun!
Many people feel nervous about re-entering the dating world after a long time away from it. If you have a calm and open-minded approach, then you’re likely to go far. Take each date as it comes, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or them. Use each date as a chance to make a new friend, and then go from there. In 2007 Harris Interactive research showed that eHarmony was responsible for 2% of all American marriages so remember to keep in mind how many people have successfully managed to find love online with eHarmony – if you relax, you’ll be surprised at how much could follow.
*Research for The Department of Works and Pensions, 2010, UK