Christian faith furthered by B&B endeavour

Manchester, 6th August, 2010 – It is no secret that Luther King House has been a part of the Manchester religious community for quite some time. What is perhaps more interesting is that the college rents out rooms as a B&B to help contribute to the funding and running of its teaching facilities.

Luther King House offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses for those interested in entering the ministry profession and for those who simply want to further their spiritual knowledge. It is known for its qualified staff, strong courses and attentiveness to students’ needs.

Luther King House’s tuition is reasonable for the layperson and the full-time student. Bursaries are also on offer for those who need them. The school partially funds its academic courses and facilities through its Conference and Accommodation Centre, which keeps costs low.

What really makes the Luther King House Conference and Accommodation Centre stand out as a B&B in Manchester is its garden. Lined with cherry trees, the garden blooms into a pink haze every year, and guests can admire the calm and tranquility on its benches and near its fountain.

The B&B’s location is convenient for public transport, making it easy to get to the city centre. Free parking, simple and clean rooms, and free internet access make for a comfortable stay. The breakfast is served every morning and is frequently complimented by reviewers on the web.

For conference rooms Manchester B&B Luther King House offers a tranquil, local alternative to the hotels of the city centre. Guests can also feel they are contributing more with their stay. Luther King House does not just pocket your pounds at the end of the trip; it feeds profits into its teaching programmes.