BridgeHead partners with AbedGraham

Partnership to ensure products and services fine-tuned for clinical workflow and user need

ASHTEAD, UK – 2nd June 2016 – BridgeHead Software, the healthcare data management company, and AbedGraham, the healthcare IT strategy, operations and risk consultancy, today announced a strategic partnership. The two companies will work together to ensure BridgeHead Software’s current and future product and service portfolio is optimised for the needs of clinicians and, ultimately, patients whilst addressing national policy guidelines, for example, the NHS ‘Paperless 2020’ initiative.

AbedGraham is a specialist healthcare IT strategy consultancy, made up of staff from various clinical backgrounds – primary care, the acute setting and mental health – all with considerable knowledge and experience in information technology used within a healthcare setting.

Dr. Saif Abed, Founding Partner at AbedGraham, will assume the role of Clinical Safety Officer for BridgeHead Software. With the help of his team, Dr. Abed will provide guidance and advice to help BridgeHead Software and its customers to maximise patient safety through the roll-out of new technology whilst, at the same time, minimising clinical risk.

The partnership will also ensure that BridgeHead Software’s products and services capitalise on the growing market potential presented by national initiatives such as the digitisation of patient records and the integration of health and social care against a backdrop of increased funding pressures.

Dr. Abed, comments: “The UK’s healthcare environment is on the cusp of major change. The ending of national contracts, the drive towards digitisation, the joining up of health and social care, patient access to records, paperless and integrated care all present considerable opportunity for the right vendors with the right products.

BridgeHead Software, with its portfolio of healthcare data management solutions and its unrivalled reputation and growing customer base, is ideally placed to capitalise on those opportunities. We will work with BridgeHead Software to ensure its products are in line with national policy, but also that they are fine tuned for clinical workflow, user experience and, in the future, possibly patients as the drive to increase direct patient access to their healthcare information continues.”

Jim Beagle, President and CEO, BridgeHead Software comments: “It is encouraging to see the focus that government, and subsequently NHS England and NHS Digital (formerly HSCIC), is putting into technology and the efforts they are making to push towards a digital health service.

Working alongside AbedGraham, with its clinical-based IT consultancy, we will ensure BridgeHead Software is best placed to support our customers, current and future, with healthcare data management solutions that deliver information to the people that need it, when they need it, at the point of care.”