Answer English offers new Junior programmes

London, August 2010 – Summer is meant to be all about the fun, sun tans and melting ice-creams. A language course might not be part of the plan. However, Answer English offers English courses that combine the amusement of summer with a comprehensive learning experience. Living in London is just one part of that experience. 16 to 18-year-olds can live at the seaside resort of Ramsgate. Dublin is a great option for those interested in some culture and music. A lot of these courses act as teasers, enticing students to return for longer term ones later.

For those interested in going to the UK to learn English London offers a range of schools and accommodation. AE helps to sort through all the options and offers the best according to student requirements and budgets. They have a fantastic ‘pay less get more’ offer, which includes en-suite accommodation in the heart of London, a stone’s throw away from the school, museums, galleries, shops, clubs and bars, along with a minimum one-week course schedule, for just £150. Individual rooms offer freedom and independence, and the shared kitchen makes sure students don’t get too lonely either. Dinwiddy House is located in zone 1 and is within five minutes’ walking distance from King’s Cross.

From beginner levels to exam preparatory courses for IELTS and Cambridge exams, AE can guide students based on their specific requirements. There are special needs courses as well and an Executive course for professionals interested in improving their speaking and writing skills. If time is of the essence, there are one-to-one intensive sessions, which are shorter than the usual ones. The Communication for Lawyers course is for those who need to communicate more confidently in legal situations and use specialised vocabulary effectively. There are also summer courses for children. Classes are usually for only about 12 students, allowing a lot of individual attention for each student.

Besides the Executive courses, Answer English also offers Young Professional Courses for 20 to 30-year-olds who have just entered the world of business and are looking to improve their professional English and work in an international context in the future. Answer English can help place students with a suitable English course London language schools offer. The courses give students a complete picture of the language, its origins, its cultural context and, most importantly, its tastes, flavours and senses. Could summer sound more wonderful?

About Answer English: Founded in 2006, Answer English is a comprehensive service for international students interested in learning English. The agency was originally started by James Herbertson, who was inspired by a summer spent in Malaga, Spain, learning Spanish. The idea to learn English in an English-speaking city came with its creative perks, and Herbertson was keen to take advantage of the learning ground that London presented. Based in London, Answer English offers free advice and a wide range of courses to meet individual requirements and varying budgets. Schools recommended by them are all accredited by the British Council. In 2010, it was sold to Alexander Akola, who owns the prestigious French language agency VELA in Paris.