A warm welcome at Malvern House College

London, February 25 2010: This is the time of year that many students who want to come to the UK to learn English will be looking ahead to the coming warmer weather and thinking of booking courses for the summer. London, as the capital city, is the obvious choice for many. Choosing the right college from the great many available, however, might be a little trickier.

Malvern House College, with its central location and great facilities, is certainly one to look at. Courses at the college range from beginners courses to university level. The general English course is designed for those wanting a broadly based course to improve their English across the board. The intensive course is similar, but with smaller classes. Then there are pre-degree courses, and courses that form the first part of a degree, with the final year studied at university. Many universities require specific exams for entry, and these are also available. Business minded students should look at the specialist business courses.

The course itself is only part of the story for most students, who want to make sure they can get the most out of their time here in every way. Housing is a key consideration, and the college will help students choose the right place for them. Homestays are a great option for those who want to get to know the city’s people first-hand, living with a local family. This should help students improve their colloquial English skills too! Then there are a wealth of house and flat shares, good options for students who want to make as many new friends as fast as they can. The final option is a hall of residence, and those arriving in summer will find a wide choice, as rooms in the halls of major London universities are rented for summer use only to international students.

Once the course and accommodation are chosen, students will be keen to jump straight into London life. This can be hard to do for those new to the city, so the college has a social programme designed to provide opportunities to get to know the city and other students quickly. London’s extensive bus and underground networks are the best way to explore independently, with museums, nightlife, cinemas, sports stadiums and more all within easy reach of the college.

About Malvern college: Malvern House College is an English school in London. It has three locations in the heart of the city which are all near good transport links. Students come here with varying levels of English and can take courses in general English or a more specialist area. This English school London provides good facilities and helps its students find places to live and make friends.