Giuseppe Dio’s music and electronic atmospheres on his album “Lights, Shadows And Colors”

Giuseppe Dio, an Information Technology professional from Udine (Italy) has for many years played and composed music just for pleasure, uploaded remixes on Soundcloud and Acidplanet and re-edited many tracks, with genres ranging from New Age, to easy listening and dance.

Published last September, “Lights Shadows And Colors” is Giuseppe’s first album of his original music and is also the result of the experience gained remixing and re-editing tracks by artists like Moby and Jean-Michel Jarre.
From the very first track “Blancheur”, the 12 instrumental easy listening tracks are reminiscent of the vintage electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre.

I grew up with the music of Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream. I fell in love with vintage sound emulation and the fusion of melodies with ambient atmospheres and analogue noise.

The titles of the album and of each track refer to the concepts of light, shadow and color, as seen through photography. “For years, between a remix and a re-edit, I have collected many short compositions of various kinds: melodies, ambient sequences, grooves… I wanted to make an album that had its musical coherence, a common thread, so I thought of the photos I like to take, those where the main elements are light and color… I thought of the shadows at sunset, the night lights, the backlight contrast and then I selected fifteen songs – which became twelve – emotionally related to light, shadow and color. A sort of an exchange between two passions: music and photography.

This is an album with a deliberately vintage and analogue sound, but composed, arranged, mixed and mastered using the most contemporary digital technologies. “The whole album was created at home, on my computer, using software synth emulation and state of the art mixing and mastering tools. Another blend of two passions of mine: music and computer science.

“Lights, Shadows and Colors” was released in digital format via CDBaby and the tracks have been recorded on Patamu and Soundreef . You can buy the album on and on all major digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.), or listen to it on Spotify, Deezer, Napster, Tidal, Yandex and other streaming platforms.

Videos, news and links related to Giuseppe Dio and his album “Lights, Shadows and Colors” are available at GiuseppeDio.Net (see references below)

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