Between streaming music and vinyl come back: which destiny for CD?

There is still a little hope for compact disc market. Although many symptoms seem to suggest another thing, the son of Sony and Philips collaboration, now forty , can still find its niche market.
Of sure latest news about the shutdown of Sony’s largest factory in Indiana confirmed an irreversible trend. In this factory during more than 30 years Sony produced about 11 billion of compact discs, but now the company has decided to concentrate the production only on videogames discs.
The reasons of this decline are two. The main one is that, nowadays, the new business is streaming music with its big protagonists such as Deezer and, above all, Spotify. However also the return of the vinyl plays a role in CD agony. First independent labels bet on vinyl come back, especially for audiophiles market and high quality records. But, now even pop music does it. An example is vinyl edition of last Coldplay album.
If the premises are these… which future is for CD? For us, specialized in music for weddings in Italy.

A little hope for CD market

A suggestion comes from Christmas: special CD boxes, enriched with gadgets, rage during this period, and find their niche market all over the year in products designed for collectors.
Of course the big numbers are impossible nowadays, if you think that vinyl records market has surpassed CD sales. However, in the world of music professionals, CD remains a solid ally.
For example, DJs still appreciate the advantages of this support: first of all reliability.

Each music support plays its role

We at ProfessionalWedding DJ use controller and computer but we don’t renounce to the mythical CDJ Pioneer because we know that nothing stops it. For a professional DJ every music support is important: digital music for its versatility, CD for its reliability and vinyl for its indisputable charm.
Our large collection of vinyl records ranges from sophisticated to more “commercial” disco funky music and it is ideal for 70’s revival: during the aperitifs or to fill the dance floor.