Covid: new rapid test for all students and teachers

In order to make it possible to attend school safely despite the coronavirus pandemic, the German medical technology firm nal von minden has developed a rapid test: The ‘dedicio® COVID-19 Antigen plus Test’ is easy to use and delivers reliable results in just 15 minutes. The new rapid test is already available.

“The new rapid test is designed to be a simple and easy-to-use disposable test”, says Roland Meißner, CEO at nal von minden GmbH, which is based in Moers in Germany. “If every pupil and teacher took a rapid test regularly, it would be possible to attend school more safely.” Doing so would also help to slow down the corona pandemic, as quickly identifying those who are infected means others can then be better protected.

What’s special about the dedicio® COVID-19 Antigen plus Test? The swab can be taken from the lower nasal passage. “This much less uncomfortable than a swab taken from deep inside the nose or throat, as was necessary with previous tests. Also, it’s easy for students to collect a swab sample from the nose themselves.” says Meißner.

Another innovation: the buffer solution is portioned out for each test. Until now, the buffer solution was provided in a bottle suitable for distribution amongst 20 tests. “It’s much easier for pupils when they already have the exact right amount of buffer solution to hand in a small, sterile packet.”

The pupils need only mix the swab sample with the buffer solution and dispense a couple of drops into the test cassette. The results can be read after 15 minutes.

Meißner recommends that the tests are given to each student in the classroom, and then carried out under the instruction of a teacher. The class can first watch the explanatory video from nal von minden GmbH together:

Until now, rapid tests could be only carried out by medical personnel and were also designed with them in mind.

The dedicio® COVID-19 Antigen plus Test has a specificity of 99.99% and a sensitivity of 97.09%. Meißner says “The performance data of the new tests are excellent and show that the test is reliable.” In line with infection protection laws, positive results must nevertheless be confirmed with the help of a PCR test (laboratory test).

The new rapid test is also suitable for use in other settings, such as universities, which would allow students to attend lectures safely. It will also be easy for company employees to carry out a test. Meißner adds “The new rapid tests are also suitable for testing in pharmacies.”

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nal von minden GmbH, based in Moers, Germany, has been a specialist in the field of medical diagnostics for 38 years. Its portfolio includes rapid tests and laboratory tests for reliable diagnoses in the fields of bacteriology, cardiology, gynaecology, infectious diseases, urology and toxicology. nal von minden GmbH has a total of about 220 employees at 9 European locations.