OpenartAward – International Prize to Advertising – last days to participate for free

Nearly 300 works submitted so far; over 6 European countries represented (Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, England, Germany, Austria): they are always bigger the OpenartAward numbers. It’s the only Award to communication and advertising “RECOGNIZED” thanks to the sponsorship of numerous institutional entities (European Community, Minister of the Economic Development, the Presidency of the Campania Region, the Municipality of Naples, President of the Republic’s medal) – NO OTHER prize to advertising can claim these recognitions

The deadline for registration (absolutely free – as already indicated above) to the competition is by midnight on Tuesday, July 9th, 2018.

The competition jury (unique reward in this field with this characteristic) is composed entirely by students of graphic design and visual communication (a guarantee of absolute IMPARTIALITY!!!). This feature of the award creates a concrete bridge between the world of education and the job market; this will enable students to directly experience a professional job and at the same time enabling the professionals to test their creativity on a jury very communicative and with a particular attention to the new trends in graphics, characteristics of the students of the courses of graphic and visual communication.
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