‘THE BEAUTIFUL GAME’ and your relationship

Top tips from eHarmony.co.uk on how to survive the onset of World Cup fever

11th June 2010: As it happens every four years, the madness of the football World Cup is upon us, and with almost all eyes turned to South Africa, now is an appropriate time to consider the role of personal hobbies and interests in any relationship.

But having a football fanatic for a partner can be tough at times and if your partner is already draping the lounge in the national colours, then you might be dreading the onset of ‘football widowhood’.  Yet there’s no need to feel emotionally and physically abandoned according to Dr Gian Gonzaga, eHarmony.co.uk relationship expert and Director of Research and Development at eHarmony Labs.

“Everyone has a hobby, and the important thing is to not let that hobby come between you as a couple,” says Dr Gian Gonzaga.  “There are ways to minimise the feeling of being emotionally abandoned and use this time to actually strengthen your relationship”.

Easier said than done? Not at all! eHarmony.co.uk suggests trying the following four tips:

If your partner is out for hours watching all the games from start to finish, then this gives you the perfect opportunity to do all those things that you’ve been meaning to do for absolutely ages, but have just never got around to. There’s no point moping around the house – get out for a few hours yourself, check out a museum, visit friends, read a book or even take a class.

It needn’t be more complicated if children are involved. Work out a compromise with your partner that if you’re at home minding the kids during the game, then afterwards you’ll have racked up some serious babysitting credit. Make a deal with your partner to ensure that you’ll have some valuable time off after the tournament.

The World Cup offers a great opportunity to get together with friends, football fans and football-phobes alike, and take turns hosting a small party for the matches. It keeps the pub costs and babysitting bills down, and also gives you the chance to spend time with partners and friends.

Talk to your partner about the highs and lows of the games. Simply asking your partner about this gives them the opportunity to talk about something they are passionate about and shows that you are keen to understand their interests.

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