Bayernland: fresh and excellent

Bayernland, founded in Vipiteno in 1970, produces and distributes high quality dairy products throughout Italy. In order to guarantee freshness to the final customer, it has become necessary to create a modern distribution system capable of delivering dairy products quickly and efficiently. For this reason, Bayernland recently opened a new logistics center in the Europa neighborhood of Verona, which will support with the new Vipiteno office inaugurated just 4 years ago. The old logistics center, still located in the Interport of Verona, was no longer able to cope with the amount of orders and shipments in place. Every day, in Verona, 35,000 packages are prepared, which are then delivered within 24 to 48 hours across Italy, including its islands. The new logistics hub collects, checks and fills the orders of more than two thousand customers, in addition, the new warehouse is able to accommodate over eight thousand euro pallets.

In the hub, there is an automatic warehouse, 80 meters long and 22 meters high, which can accommodate up to 5,000 pallets alone, and it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is fully air-conditioned to guarantee the freshness of the products passing through.

For this purpose, 2 high-efficiency liquid chillers with FOCS2-W / R / CA 2101 water source and 2 NECS-WQ S 0412 and 0302 multifunctional units were installed for the simultaneous production of hot and cold water. The units are controlled by a 1 MANAGER 3000, and connected to i-HWD2 702 hydronic terminals for air diffusion in the environment. The air conditioning system, made up of Climaveneta brand units, has a total cooling capacity of over 800 kW.

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