Research from Rug Doctor shows the importance of carpet cleaning

Rug Doctor has commissioned independent research that has provided disturbing new information revealing what really lies deep in our carpets. The shocking truth is that bacteria, dust mite droppings and shed human skin reside within the pile, along with allergens such as pollen and household dirt. Our carpets could be damaging our health.

The company also surveyed the cleaning habits of over 2,000 people in the UK and conducted 20 case studies as part of that research. Samples analysed by a top UK laboratory showed that the carpets contained dangerous levels of bacteria, including Salmonella, Listeria and Shigella, all of which cause dangerous conditions through the ingestion of contaminated food. Campylobacter was also found, which causes stomach ulcers.

Carpets were also found to contain flakes of shed human skin and human hair, pet hair, dust mite droppings, food debris, pollen and even faeces. As many of us do not remove our shoes in the house and take a lackadaisical approach to cleaning generally, perhaps this is not surprising. What issurprising is that 51% of people would still eat food they had dropped on the floor. With many families having their meals in front of the TV, rather than around the dining table, this is of particular concern.

The “Queen Of Clean”, Aggie MacKenzie, who came to fame on TV’s How Clean is Your House?, is no stranger to grime, but she was still concerned by the news:

“It’s worrying to think what could be lurking in our carpets and the findings show that we should be giving more consideration to carpet cleanliness, which is just as important as bathroom and kitchen hygiene.  The research from Rug Doctor just goes to show that behind closed doors, we’re not a clean and tidy nation and so I’m appealing for people to particularly consider their carpet cleaning habits to reduce dirt and grime that could be having severe consequences on their health.”

Rug Doctor’s Marketing Manager, Paul Fildes said the findings are further evidence people should wash their carpets rather than just vacuuming them. Rug Doctor’s carpet cleaning machines are extremely efficient, removing a huge amount of dirt and improving the look and feel of the carpet. So much so, they have been awarded a Platinum Seal of Approval by the Carpet and Rug Institute, which is the highest rating possible.

To identify which cleaning solutions work best, CRI (The Carpet & Rug Institute) and an independent laboratory use scientifically accredited cleaning evaluation standards to establish the best products in:

• Dirt removal — CRI uses NASA-enhanced x-ray technology to measure the precise amount of dirt removed from the carpet and dirt removal efficiency.

• Water removal — The extractor must remove most of the moisture from a wet extraction process as dirty water that remains in the carpet could be a source of fungal growth and prolong the drying process.

• Fibre surface retention — The product must not harm the carpet pile.

Giving your carpet a deep clean can also be useful for getting rid of stains which vacuuming always leaves behind. Around a quarter of people have had a pet, baby, child or an adult be sick on their carpet, and dogs often have an accident while their owner is out. 22% of people may even need to get rid of  stains associated with love making on their carpets (according to the survey).

Fortunately, Rug Doctor has a rental outlet no more than 10 minutes away from 90% of people in the country. These can be quickly found on the website’s Store Finder. For more information, visit the website.

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