Total Software Deployment Makes Deploying Software on any Number of Computers a Blast

Softinventive Lab announces the release of Total Software Deployment, the company´s solution for system administrators to automate software installation, maintenance and updates on remote computers. The new product helps network administrators automate software deployment and maintenance, rolling out updates or new installations quietly and reliably without interrupting the end users.

Total Software Deployment includes a deployment package builder and a smart network scanner, enabling the tool to automatically build the list of software installed on network computers and perform deployment and maintenance tasks remotely from a centralized location.

Sharing database structure with Softinventive´s another product, Total Network Inventory, this new tool allows using the two products together to build a comprehensive inventory of network assets while keeping software up to date on all Windows computers in the network.

Total Software Deployment makes deploying software packages on any number of computers a blast. Supporting multiple installation methods and recognizing all popular installers, Total Software Deployment can remotely deploy all types of packages including those not supporting silent or remote installation modes at all.

By managing the existing infrastructure, TSD makes software updates easy no matter how many computers the network runs. It builds and maintains a comprehensive list of software installed on each computer in the network, updating outdated versions quietly and unobtrusively with pre-configured installation packages.

Pricing and Availability

Total Software Deployment is immediately available. Pricing starts at $90 per 25 PCs license. Licenses are lifetime and include unlimited free updates and free technical support. Volume discounts are available. A free 60-day evaluation download is available at the product´s Web site.

System Requirements

Total Software Deployment can be installed and managed from a computer running Windows XP or higher. The automated network scanner recognizes all types of network nodes, while building software inventory and deploying packages is only available for computers running Windows XP or newer (up to and including Windows 10).


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About Softinventive Lab

Softinventive Lab was founded back in 2006 by a group of young enthusiasts seeking ways to apply their skills and knowledge of the IT world. The company develops solutions for computer network monitoring, network inventory and software asset management, and software deployment in local networks. Software products developed by the company are trusted by NASA, Vodafone, IBM, Siemens, Sony, Disney, and many others.