PhotoStitcher by Teorex: Create Seamless Panoramas in One Click

Teorex has announced the release of PhotoStitcher 1.0, its new product for automatic stitching of panoramic images. This tool enables any home user to create a panorama in one click without investing in high-level photo editors.

PhotoStitcher is a new program developed for easy creation of panoramic images. It continues the line of simple photo editing tools by Teorex, being based on the same principle: do only one thing, but do it perfectly. PhotoStitcher greatly facilitates panorama creation, since the user does not need to align and stitch adjacent images manually. The whole process of panorama stitching is performed automatically and takes just a couple of minutes.

How does PhotoStitcher work?

First, the user selects the overlapping images that were taken from the same viewpoint. After that the “Stitch” button is clicked, and the solution performs fully automated alignment and stitching of the images. By the way, PhotoStitcher supports both 1D (horizontal rotation) and 2D (both horizontal and vertical rotation) panoramas. The images are neatly stitched and blended, so that the resulted panorama looks smooth and seamless without any user input. Cropping is also performed automatically.

Why PhotoStitcher?

This solution is optimal for amateur photographers who would like to easily blend their images into impressive panoramas. Instead of purchasing an expensive Photoshop license or wasting time on manual panorama making the user simply clicks on a button, and everything else is done by PhotoStitcher.

Key Features:

– Performs fully automated alignment and stitching of images;
– Supports any arrangement of overlapping pictures taken from the same viewpoint
– Very simple and intuitive, requires no special skills or training;
– Supports creation of 1D and 2D panoramas;
– Takes very little time and effort: a seamless panorama is stitched in one mouse click.

Pricing and Availability

PhotoStitcher is compatible with Windows XP and higher or with Mac OS X 10.6 and higher (only Intel CPU). The price for a license starts from 19.99 USD. Further information, as well as the free trial version, is available at


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