Network Topology Diagram Creation and Editing Faster Than Ever

10-Strike Software announces the release of 10-Strike Network Diagram v. 2.5, a local network topology scanning and diagram creation program. The software enables the automatic network infrastructure discovery and generation of visual diagrams with devices and connection links between them.

Administrators often meet the situation when they need to quickly find out what equipment is connected to the enterprise local network and to create a network topology diagram. There is a lot of diagram editing software available on the market but the manual diagram creation can be very time consuming. The problem will become more serious if a person needs to explore a customer´s network when the network topology is unknown or it was reconfigured but no up-to-date documents left. The administrator will need to check every switch and see to what ports some cables are connected.

10-Strike Network Diagram is a solution designed to make life easier for network administrators and IT specialists. The software scans a network by IP address ranges and automatically generates a graphical network topology diagram. Device types are detected by the original intellectual algorithm and the devices will be represented by intuitive icons on the map. If switches support the SNMP protocol, 10-Strike Network Diagram will also draw connections between the devices and port names. A ready diagram can be edited, exported to Microsoft Visio, saved as a vector or raster image, or printed.

10-Strike Network Diagram allows drawing network diagrams semi-automatically or manually as well, saving time and effort. An intuitive user interface allows drawing a diagram within a few minutes, and the built-in full-featured editor ensures a professional looking result. The new version 2.5 works significantly faster than any previous version of the program. The editor has been optimized for working with complicated schemes containing hundreds or thousands of objects. The group moving and copying operations work several times faster now leaving behind the most of competitors.

Pricing and Compatibility
10-Strike Network Diagram is compatible with all modern versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003/2008/2012, 32- and 64-bit). The single PC license is priced at 149.95 USD. Additional information on the software and a free 30-day trial version are available on the developer´s web site at

Review Software
If you would like to request review copies of 10-Strike Network Diagram 2.5, please contact Dmitriy Stepanov at

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