Magic Paint with Math: Funny Math Tutor for Kids

The creators of Defense Zone game series announce their new educational app for kids – Magic Paint with Math. Featuring captivating coloring book functionality and illustrative math cases easily comprehensible by a child, this multi-platform application has it all to entertain and tutor a kid aged 4-6.

Teaching a child the basics of mathematics may seem an easier task than it really turns out. Kids are barely interested in something they consider boring. So the top priority is to get them engaged into the process in the first hand.

Magic Paint takes this factor into account and puts significant emphasis into entertainment part of the education. The game recently released for Android and iOS is a nice and natural mix of a coloring album and simple and easy-to-handle math tutorial. The app is intended for kids aged 4-6 making their first steps in arithmetic. Magic Paint with Math offers three game modes each pursuing its own purpose.

The Training mode with basic math cases aims to raise a child´s general skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; the more advanced Triplets mode provides a kid with three digits and two operators to combine to a correct arithmetical expression; finally, the Coloring mode allows a child to color a picture by numbers thus combining creative activity with memorizing numbers and learning arithmetic operations.

Artistic graphics and intuitive controls easily capture attention of a child and never let him get bored. And by alternating arithmetic cases solving and picture coloring parents can keep their kid involved all the time.

“I made this app for my own kid so I put the best of my soul into it, trying to make it perfect”, says the leading developer Artem Kotov. “Magic Paint with Math helps you teach your children addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a playful and friendly manner. Your kid gonna like it, just like my own child did”.

Pricing and availability

Magic Paint is available for Android and iOS, both versions come in two editions: lite and full. The lite edition is free and has certain functional limitations. Full version costs $1.99.


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Artem Kotov is an independent software developer already known to gamers by highly acclaimed Defense Zone and Defense Zone II multi-platform tower defense games.