Guns N Zombies Storms Kickstarter

Krealit launches a Kickstarter campaign to fund its 3D third-person shooter set in the world destroyed in the course of a zombie apocalypse. Unlike multiple zombie titles over there, Guns N Zombies is a game with a solid plot, captivating hardcore gameplay and authentic characters.

Recent years zombies have become more of a cliche than a really scary monster. The horrid mystery slowly turns to grotesque and even comedy leaving little space for primal fears or at least fright.

Guns N Zombies tries to return those creatures their former glory. It puts a gamer into the cruel world overcrowded by lurking zombies of all kinds and shapes. Trying to survive in the hostile environment, the player uses weapons and abilities in order to fight his way through the ruins of civilization and reveal the hidden causes of this catastrophe.

Diverse enemies encourage players to adopt their battle tactics and to switch between available weapons, while the RPG elements increase replayability and allow a gamer to stick with the preferred gaming style. But what makes Guns N Zombies to stand out among the zombie game crowd is stunning visuals and serious captivating plot.

“We pursued a goal of making a realistic game set in the world suddenly caught by zombie infestation as opposed to multiple funny zombie titles around”, says Alex, the game designer at Krealit. “Our world is harsh, our characters are deep and realistic, our story is compelling, our zombies are scary, manifold and very, very hungry.”

The Kickstarter campaign aims to net $40,000 for development of Guns N Zombies. Upon release the game will be available for PC, Android and iOS platforms.

Pricing and availability

Guns´n´Zombies is a Kickstarter project with the minimum pledge of $5 and the maximum pledge of $2000. The game will be available for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The 5$ pledge entitles a backer to receive an iOS or Android or PC copy of the game upon release.


Krealit was founded in 2010. A modern company, Krealit unites enthusiastic professionals endowed with creative vision and ability to throw a new light upon traditional approaches. The company already has successful commercial projects under the belt, so Guns N Zombies embodies the best talents and experience of Krealit´s team.


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