Fairy Farm: the Cutest Virtual Farm Now Available for Kindle Fire!

Game Garden has announced the release of Fairy Farm for Kindle Fire. Fairy Farm, one of the cutest farm games, has already become very popular in social networks and on mobile devices – and now it is available on the Amazon Appstore, too! The game is known for its enchanting atmosphere: the player can plant magic plants, tame cute fairy-tale animals and learn spells.

Fairy Farm for Kindle Fire is the right game for those who are fond of virtual farming and fairytale settings: it is set in a beautiful land of magic, where fantastic creatures live and magical plants grow. Besides gardening and taming the animals it is also possible to decorate the farm with buildings and enchanted items, solve quests and brew potions. Earned coins and crystals can be used to purchase goods in the game store – elixirs, decorations, seeds and animals. Fairy Farm is also remarkable for its vivid graphics and cute cartoon style. Big-eyed and delicate-colored animals are so sweet that it is difficult not to love them at first sight.

By the way, farming is not the main goal of the game. Every accomplished task, every new achievement helps the player to learn new spells and improve the wizardry skills – they will be needed to defeat the Evil Witch that has taken over the magic country.

The game is based on freemium model: everybody can download and play a free of charge, but there is also an opportunity to buy additional bonuses for real money. The total number of Fairy Farm fans comprises more than 10 million players from all over the world!

In a few days Fairy Farm is going to get an approve and will be available on the Mac App Store.

Product page link: http://www.FairyFarmGame.com
Download link: http://www.amazon.com/Game-Garden-Fairy-Farm/dp/B008MM9630/
Company website: http://www.game-garden.com