Establishing shot with drones in Italy – Coronavirus covid 19 crisis

Everyone knows going to Italy is nowadays quite impossible because of Corona Virus. Many and more Governments are requiring their citizens not to travel to Italy, and airlines are cancelling their flights. 

Therefore, no journalistic shooting operations can be carried out for troupe coming from abroad.  We want to stress the fact that, notwithstanding such difficult conditions, life in Italy is going on and we keep on working complying with any and all restrictions as well.   

Limitations are many, health first. But we keep on working.  

Our partners in the whole Country (drone operators as well as camera ones) are co-operating with many international news channels, in full accordance with the measures/rules stated by the Italian Government with regard to CoVid 19 Virus, and they produce media (most of all establishing shots) which are being streamed all around the world.  

So, should you need a support in the creation  of establishing shots and coverage images for news reports for your tv production (news channels) in Italy and in CoronaVirus time, don’t hesitate contact us. riprese aeree ispezioni aeree fotogrammetria con droni