Announces Release of Swift To-Do List 8, a Software to Defeat Procrastination

Swift To-Do List 8, new major version of task and notes organizer software for Windows has been released by

Organizing your information and placing all your tasks and notes into one place might not be very exciting, regardless how easy and simple it is. However, the new Swift To-Do List 8 packs some serious innovation. The new release specifically focuses on helping people eliminate procrastination and make maintaining to-do lists enjoyable.

One of the new features in Swift To-Do List 8 is subtasks support. Subtasks allow you to break complex tasks down into small action steps. Procrastination is often caused by overwhelm and fear of daunting tasks by breaking complex tasks down into small action steps that anyone could follow, you can greatly decrease the likelihood of procrastinating on them. Following small action steps is easy, compared to simply trying to “do” complex tasks and projects.

Other new innovative feature in Swift To-Do List 8 is the ability to hide tasks for later. When your to-do list gets too long, you can simply “snooze” some tasks for a later date. By hiding tasks that are not important right now for later, you can keep your to-do list short and relevant. Using such a list is more enjoyable and motivating than having the typical nearly endless to-do list. The new version also brings about 40 other new features and improvements.

“For the last 7 years, we´ve been developing Swift To-Do List with the aim of helping our customers eliminate forgetting, stress and overwhelm. More and more of our customers have been exclaiming that Swift To-Do List is the best task/notes organizer ever created for Windows. This has been our cue that it´s time to go even beyond that, and in the last year, and especially in the new version 8, we´ve focused on helping Swift To-Do List users overcome procrastination as well”, says Jiri Novotny, Swift To-Do List chief designer.

Swift To-Do List 8 is available directly from Swift To-Do List comes in 3 editions: Standard ($44.95), Professional ($89.95) and Ultimate ($149.95).

A fully functional 30-day trial version is available for download from
Swift To-Do List 8 runs under Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

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Contact: Jiri Novotny
Title: Co-founder, Product Manager