Defense Zone 2 is Now Available in Windows Store and Windows Phone Store

The creators of well-known tower defense game series announces his hit, Defense Zone 2, is now available for Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 as well. Defense Zone 2 is a tower defense game with impressive strategy depth and serious challenge.

Tower defense is one of the most popular mobile games genres. Captivating combination of easy-to-begin yet challenging gameplay and broad strategy options constantly attract new players to this category of games. At the same time, making an edible mix of all ingredients isn´t that easy.

Defense Zone 2, a sequel to the well-acknowledged TD game, already received accolades for its iOS and Android versions. And now this title is available in Windows Store too. The game shifts focus to a more strategic approach: instead of carelessly placing defense towers, a player should find the most effective weapon combinations and the best upgrade path for each turret. There is no universal way to win, nor there is such thing as a super-gun. Each piece of weaponry has its pros and cons and is most effective against certain enemy types. For instance, rocket launchers have excellent range and can hit flying targets, while machineguns despite low damage have an impressive fire rate. Additional contribution to the strategic depth is made by such options as Air Strike that destroys a group of enemies in one blast, and the special Hell Fire mode temporarily increasing the fire power and the fire rate of a given tower.

The topnotch HD graphics of the game is exactly what is needed to underscore strategic flexibility. There is a reminiscence of the classic C&C series both in video and audio of Defense Zone 2, and every piece of the landscape and the interface is drawn with a user in mind.

The game features 26 levels varying from winter countryside to hot deserts. To beat all of them, a player has to apply all his or here strategic talents. Importantly, the Defense Zone 2 comes with three difficulty levels to please all categories of gamers: from casual to hardcore.

Pricing and availability

Defense Zone 2 is available for Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android. The game comes in Full and Lite editions. The price of the Full version in Windows Phone Store is $2.99 and in Windows Store is $4.99. The Lite version is free with no in-game fees and 3 levels available to play.


Artem Kotov is an independent software developer well known to gamers by highly acclaimed Defense Zone and Defense Zone 2 multi-platform tower defense games.


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