Actual Multiple Monitors has been Greenlit on Steam

Actual Multiple Monitors by Actual Tools was picked by Steam Greenlight project for online distribution through the Steam network. This piece of software improves Windows behavior on multi-monitor systems by adding several incredibly useful options.

Some works are much easier done on a multi-monitor system. For a designer, a photographer or a publisher having a system with two or more displays is a standard. However, the entire working experience on the multi-monitor system is different from that on a conventional single-display PC. Indeed, while the desktop gets wider, the space between physical monitors destroys the consistency of the virtual desktop, making it less intuitive and harder to operate with.

Actual Multiple Monitors adds several useful options to fix some counter-intuitive features of the desktop on multiple monitor systems. Multi-monitor taskbar, desktop wrapping, mouse locking, faster cycling through monitors with mouse and keyboard shortcuts – these are just the top options available in program. Custom hotkeys, windows snapping, additional title bar buttons allow for easier window control, while multi-monitor wallpapers and screensavers and a special desktop mirroring function that creates a copy of a monitor in a separate window shown on another monitor help a user to get the most from his desktop space, both for work and for entertainment.

And now Actual Multiple Monitors is available through the Steam network. On June 28, Steam Greenlight has chosen several games and software titles and has given them to go ahead.

“Steam Greenlight is a community driven platform, and we are glad to see how many people all over the world have voted for Actual Multiple Monitors”, says Michael Tretyakov, the CEO at Actual Tools.

Pricing and availability
Actual Multiple Monitors runs on all Windows platforms from Windows 2000 and above and costs $24.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Additional information on Actual Multiple Monitors, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, and a 30-day evaluation copy are available on the Actual Tools website. Until July 10 the program costs $18,71 (USD).

Actual Tools operates on the software market since 2001. With the number of products altering Windows interface and making it much more convenient for everyday use, the company gained hundreds of thousands devoted users all over the world and received many positive reviews.

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