Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Reveals Financial Predictions for Months Ahead

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Scottsdale, AZ – November 20, 2012 – Today, The Rich Dad Company announced the release of a new, financial education video revealing Robert Kiyosaki’s financial predictions for 2013 and beyond. The streaming video is available free to registrants at now until 12/9/12.

“In his 2002 book, Rich Dad’s Prophecy, financial education expert Robert Kiyosaki correctly predicted the looming stock market crash and retirement crisis as baby boomers began pulling money out of their paper-asset-stocked retirement plans in order to survive,” states Mike Sullivan, CEO of The Rich Dad Company. “Now, he’s revealing his predictions for the future to help people prepare for impending financial crises worldwide.”

In the streaming video, Kiyosaki reveals these predictions and more:
• Will the Dow, home foreclosures, interest rates, and taxes increase?
• Will single family home prices and rent rates rise significantly?
• What’s in the future for current technologies, the education system, and women-owned businesses?
• Which jobs will become obsolete in the next few years?

“The worldwide financial situation is changing quickly, and it’s essential to pay attention to what’s going on, get a financial education and prepare for the future,” states Kiyosaki. “If you ignore the current, financial crisis or refuse to face your fears about money and the economy, you will find yourself in dire financial straights in the months ahead.”

This Predictions Video is the result of a meeting between Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, the Rich Dad Advisors, partners, and staff. As Robert Kiyosaki’s messages unfolded, the Rich Dad staff asked if they could capture the discussion on film. Kiyosaki not only agreed to record the meeting but wanted to share it with the Rich Dad community of like-minded individuals.

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