Bitcoin going down, purchases for Bitcoin – grows

Coin2Shop analysts have published data about the number of buyers who use BTC and ETH to pay for goods in online shops has increased.

And if in August the number of users of the company’s plug-in did not exceed 400 accounts, and the number of purchases for cryptocurrency was almost half less – 231 transactions from August 10 to September 10, then for the same dates from October to November the number of transactions increased to 6441 (an increase of 27.8 times compared with September of the same year).

“According to the company’s internal statistics, our users pays via BTC more often than ETH in a ratio close to 2 to 1” says company representative Dmitry Sinkevich, “but we will not claim that this trend is permanent – we noticed it in the group we observed for last 4 months. In February 2019, we are preparing to publish a semi-annual report in which we can confirm or correct the growth figures, but the fact that the trend will not disappear anywhere is clear now. ”

Cost reduction of key cryptocurrencies has been observed for 12 months in a row. From November 2017 to November 2018 BTC fell by $6,218 and lost almost 80% of its maximum value (which was observed in December 2017), ETH became cheaper by $339.

About company
Coin2shop was founded in June 2018 by a group of developers from Russia and Estonia. The company is focused on the international b2c market and offers an order service with Amazon and Ebay for cryptocurrency. There are no competitors in this market.