Virtual art for a wall that unites.

Within the “ArteAmare” exhibition at the Castle of San Terenzo in Lerici (Italy), the artist-photographer Paolo Grassi creates a work co-created with visitors. A wall that does not separate but unites people and the environment.

The Castle has origins that refer to the years of the Renaissance (1400 AD) and was probably built with the participation of the entire population to protect the country from the assaults of Saracen pirates.

Paolo Grassi, inside the exhibition held in the tower of the Castle, proposes an intervention to de-construct the walls intended as defense and closure through the composition of a virtual wall formed by individual “blocks” made by all the people who will visit the exhibition of the same photographer-artist inside the Castle.

Each visitor will find in the castle a backdrop where to be photographed with his face inserted in a loophole of the walls. Each photo will represent a “brick” of the new wall.

The photographs sent on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #arteamare will be recomposed by Paolo Grassi at the end of the exhibition to give rise to a collective work called The Castle Wall.

This theme is part of the “Generation of the city” project recently developed by Paolo Grassi and visible in the Lerici exhibition, where with an overlap of images the artist connects the architectural elements of the city with the people who generated it that change it continuously.

Just as the renaissance walls of the castle protected the “virtual” wall, a collective work of art, from the pirate assault, it will contain within itself the image and the spirit of the people who contribute to the work, it will therefore be a renewal intervention with in the center the man, an intervention of “Renaissance deconstruction”.

If the walls in the Renaissance cities were to serve to create the perfect synthesis between nature, man and history, the new virtual wall should serve to unite people and restore a correct relationship between man and the natural environment. Perhaps a new utopia, as were utopian projects of Renaissance cities.

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Rita Manzoni. Lerici 25 July 2018

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Castello di San Terenzo
Via Castello 8 – Lerici (La Spezia) Italy
From 15 July to 19 August
Opening time: 10:30/13:00 – 18:30/22:30 Closed on Monday
Access ticket to the castle € 2.00. Free for teachers, journalists and children.
Recommended parking: – Via Milano- Via Bagnara – La Vallata, Via Biaggini II traversa
Information: – Telephone: 0585 027081